Sunday, October 31, 2010

Officially Missing You

All i do is lay around with two ears full of tears . From looking at your face on the wall . Just a month ago you were my baby but now i dont even know you at all . Well i wish that you would call me right now so that i could get through to you somehow . 

I guess im officially missing you

Monday, October 11, 2010

yEs and nO ?

 take-a-note baby 

YES ! im not preety and sporting like ur ex's
YES ! im not hotsetuf like those otha gals
YES  ! im not rich like those brat gals
and finally YES ! im not perfect . who does !


NO ! im not the type of gal that get spoiled easily with otha ppl if u need to know
NO ! im not mean when i dont treat u nicely but im juz saving the best for the last for my hubby
NO ! i dont smoke and drink alcohol when u mad at me but if u piss me off then i might do sumting stupid
and finally NO ! i wont cheat on you when im stating to care bout you !

sarang hae

CRUSH of the month

i pretty much have a big crushy crush crush on him.
i think he is so adorable. and juz by looking at his smile.
makes me all tickling inside and out.
OMG, i think im falling foe u KIM HYUN JOONG!