Monday, August 22, 2011

Tak sabar sabar dah nie oiit !

In Supernatural 6, Sam finally remember everything bout his soul being held in hell and Castiel said he has change himself to being god ? ok x sabo nk tgk pa jd in season 7 nnty !!

In NCIS 2, G Callen is having a flashback of his childhood and Hetty said she is one of the familia . nak taw familia apo ? aku pon xtaw and x sabo2 nk taw ape flashback si G Callen tuh in season 3 !!

In Leverage 3, Damien Monroe dah kne cekop so apo pulok agenda si Nate, Sophie, Parker, Eliot n Hardison in season 4 !!

In Chuck 3, Chuck pomised her sister that he will stop being a spy after he captured Shaw but instead he just be informed that his father was actually a spy for 20years and wanted chuck to continue wat his father was working on to find Chuck mother . lots of drama ryte ? soo cpt lah season 4 oii !!

In Fringe 3, yg aku taw is dat Peter Bishop agreed to go into the machine to stop the 2nd world to musnahkan the 1st world kuuut !! waaaaaaaa ta ingat sudaaa sbb dah lame x up-to-date cite nieee . cpt laaah season 4 T__T

And lastly in Vampire Diaries 2, Elena Gilbirt has lost her real father, John and Caroline has save Tyler Lockwood again from being shot at and ohmygossh is my Damon Salvatore going to die if they didn't kill the wolf-vamp quickly ? NOOOOO cepat laaah season 3 plisss T___T

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