Saturday, November 20, 2010

tears drop

i will shed every single tears out of me eyes when i watch
 Boys Over Flower 
eventho i've watched it like a Gazillion Million Billion Trillion times oready . i still cannot refrain myself from crying .
and dont get me started with My Girl 
tuh lagi laaah nanges non-stop kan sbb hero die comel cgt pnye pasal ! heheeee :B

Friday, November 19, 2010

sick and tired !

demam oh demam . batok oh batok . selsema oh selsema .
pliss go far far away pliss .
im tired of being sick and i need my ice-cream lah .
i miss my Baskin Robin !

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

when an ego guy said IMISSYOU

 terharu kejup . kejup jeeew okeh 

at last , u admit it . YOU MISS ME !! yeaaay hiphip hurraaay .
its already been like 1month and 24days since the day you said you dont wanna talk to me anymore ! 
hahah i guess you aint that tuff as you said laaah . You know who you are and you know you cant resist me .
waaaah , terlebih sudaah ! ^_^

hahah i still cant believe you said that 3words without me asking it
 i will keep that msg as a proved when u deny u miss me later on .
sadly i cant record the things you said laah ! damn you . nasib i terlupa nk record okeh . 
if tak , i dah gelak guling2 atas katil smpai abes kotak suare lah okeh if dpt dgr blk pengakuan you .

Streess Fucking Wateveer

 mencarot much ?? biaq pi ahh 

Today was like the most stressssssssing fuuuuuuucking day ever !!! 

1st of all , the HOTness is driving me nuts !! 2nd of all , bad hair day is torturing me like OhEmGee !!
3rd of all , why the fuck does all the cls need to be soo fucking jaoh laah syial !! taley lg jaooh keeew . grrr
4th of all , the free mumbling here and there from that particular lecturer is fucking killing me !! arghhhh >,<
ta ckop ngn stresss2 yg dah ade , bole plak tambah kne mara ngn miss yg ngajar last cls foe today sbb masok lab lmbt when its obviously not even my fuckingly FAULT !!
likeeee wattefuccccck nigga !!
miss in the previous cls yg kluar kan lmbat laaah wey . pfffft !!

overall , this was the most Fuck Fucking Fuckish Fuckerzoid Fuckerly daaaaaay eveeeer ! huh . FULLSTOP ! 

p/s , yes i know there's a lot of F words here . only those F words can describe how im feeling ryte now . 
ta bole nak blasah or maki hamun org so mencarot pon jadi lah weey ! haha LOL . so yeah watever . its my blog and i can say and do wateva i fucking want . :B

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

silly boi

 do you have to ?? 

Dear boi,
do you have to look at me when you walk by me ?
do you have to stare and smile at the same time ?
do you have to do the looks you do in the previous class ?
do you have to be soo irresistable ?
do you have to do the control macho kinda stuffs ?
do you ?? do you ?? do you ??

Demmit boi,
 you're finally make me sooo maloooo today ! yeaaay you . hahahah demmit you ! tape tape , bak kate orang dewasa ,
ade lori ada bas ,
ade hari I balaaas !

juz you wait and see .  ^_^

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Superman or Batman

 i'll pick you  

if i were to pick between Mr Superman or Mr Batman
i will defenitely pick my Mr Batman
if you could only know that
Mr Batman

if i were ask, to whom i would like to spend my life with ?
i will straight away say, "with my Mr Batman ofcos"
if you could only know that
Mr Batman

if i were ask, does Mr Batman want to spend his lifetime with you? will he care for you more than Mr Superman does?
i will answer, "it's not me who need to answer that. It's up to Mr Batman to answer it"
so what would you say Mr Batman ???

Monday, November 01, 2010

auwh how adorable

 you make my day little boi 

The 1st time i saw u in cls i thot u were kinda cute. I noe u've been staring but i juz act cool. Nex cls i was kinda late & im all panas at the time but miss didn't start the cls juz yet. so i curi2 msk dlm cls & suddenly there u were standing next to me saying, here's a tissue. At dat moment, i was thinking did i drop the tissue or izzit his? then he said again, ameklah lap peluh tuh smbil muke die yg blashing pandang bwh. auwhh comel ! :D