Wednesday, November 10, 2010

when an ego guy said IMISSYOU

 terharu kejup . kejup jeeew okeh 

at last , u admit it . YOU MISS ME !! yeaaay hiphip hurraaay .
its already been like 1month and 24days since the day you said you dont wanna talk to me anymore ! 
hahah i guess you aint that tuff as you said laaah . You know who you are and you know you cant resist me .
waaaah , terlebih sudaah ! ^_^

hahah i still cant believe you said that 3words without me asking it
 i will keep that msg as a proved when u deny u miss me later on .
sadly i cant record the things you said laah ! damn you . nasib i terlupa nk record okeh . 
if tak , i dah gelak guling2 atas katil smpai abes kotak suare lah okeh if dpt dgr blk pengakuan you .

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