Tuesday, November 09, 2010

silly boi

 do you have to ?? 

Dear boi,
do you have to look at me when you walk by me ?
do you have to stare and smile at the same time ?
do you have to do the looks you do in the previous class ?
do you have to be soo irresistable ?
do you have to do the control macho kinda stuffs ?
do you ?? do you ?? do you ??

Demmit boi,
 you're finally make me sooo maloooo today ! yeaaay you . hahahah demmit you ! tape tape , bak kate orang dewasa ,
ade lori ada bas ,
ade hari I balaaas !

juz you wait and see .  ^_^

1 comment:

  1. nenek ku amy.. eehehe
    follow me back k?
    cari shoutbox x jmpe lak..
    kmen kat cini aje laa